All courses offered at the Indangaburezi College of Education are delivered using its own module descriptions.

Students attend lectures, seminars and tutorials. They have access to all college facilities and resources, from the conventional library to IT provisions, from recreational facilities to lecture archives.

The amount of contact time with lecturers compares most favourably with that experienced by full-time students in other universities. Assignments are set and monitored by Department, to whom students are primarily responsible. Students progress and performance is carefully monitored; students experiencing any problems with their selected course modules are quickly identified and assisted.

Yearly examinations, including ‘finals’, are set and marked by Indangaburezi College of Education. In common with other universities successful completion of module coursework and examinations is essential for progression through the programme.

Initially the college is delivering diploma courses in following discplines, Early Childhood Education, Education in English and French, Education in English and Swahili, Education in  English and Kinyarwanda, Education in  Computer Science and Geography, Education in  Economics and Geography
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