The idea for the creation of a higher institution of education in Ruhango came from different consultations within  
‘’INDANGABUREZI Asbl’’ which is the owner of ‘’Groupe Scolaire Indangaburezi’’ started in 1988.  

High standard achievements of this school in terms of education quality and management motivated the members of  
‘’Indangaburezi Asbl’’ to upgrade the services given to the community by creating a Higher Learning Institution.  
From 2009, the Board of Directors analysed different options among the following: University, Higher Institute and  
College of education.  

The last option was privileged for many reasons:

The fact that there is a problem of quality of education and a rapid population growth.
The majority of that population is composed by young people. This poses a big challenge for the education  
The Government of the Republic of Rwanda has mad education one of its top priorities. Education is  
considered as a basis without which progress and development to which Rwandan people aspire would remain  
out of reach.
The number of nursery, primary and secondary schools is dramatically increasing everywhere in the country.
The lack of qualified personnel in the Education sector is still observed. This situation is critical in the context  
of the great efforts of the Government of Rwanda to achieve the Education for All objectives by pushing on the  
nine years basic education (2009) and the twelve years basic education (2011).
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